The South American Adventure Begins

It’s fair to say Rio de Janerio hits you straight in the senses! The instant you leave the airport Rio surrounds you with vibrant colours, pungent smells, balmy afternoon sun on your skin and an a cacaphony of noises. Samba beats on the streets to the constant horns in bumper to bumper traffic! 

Black vultures soaring high above favelas (shanty towns); a symbolic reminder of the poverty that effects large swaths of the region.  
Today was mostly about the beaches! The beautiful people playing the beautiful game whilst we relaxed on the beautiful white sands. Considering it is supposed to be winter, we certainly managed to top up our tan! Winter in Wales is colder and wetter, I can guarantee that! 

For lunch we tried Feijoda, the national dish – a bean and beef/pork stew. Let me just say it is not for the faint hearted! Cally couldn’t stomach the meat and played it safe, claiming to feel full remarkably early into the meal. Check out the menu in the pictures below to see why!!

So excited to see what the city can throw at us tomorrow. 


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