Rio – Not what I expected! 

My first thoughts of Rio before I actually set foot here sounded a lot like this “danger, gangs, guns, crime, bring your South African mentality, violence and be aware!”

Man, was I wrong!

The beaches of Copocabana and Ipanema are places I never want to leave!

Seeing surfers ride their bicycles with boards attached, skateboarders cruising past us while drinking a refreshing beer, ladies running and walking alone in the late hours of the night, bootcamps on the white sand as the sun rises, football and volleyball games that are taken very seriously, community fishing along the shores, teenagers chatting in groups on the streets, grandpas reading their newspapers from their park bench vantage point, confident women of all body types in thongs, restaurants serving Brazilian dishes, churros stands and tasty caparinjas!

This is what is meant by É o jeitinho brasileiro! – “It’s the Brazllian way!” Let’s just say, we totally get it! It wouldn’t take too long before we’d start walking the streets in our very own micro-bathing costumes!

Although there may be some edgy characters, quite a few people talk loudly to themselves, a few homeless people can be seen sleeping away or collecting recyclable goods – everyone is busy and keep to themselves.

To fully take in this city and it’s residents at its best,we embarqued on a trip to Christ the Reedemer and rode the cable car to the top the Sugar Loaf, which cemented all new thoughts about Rio!!

My thoughts on leaving sound like this, “fitness, unforgettable food, sport, sun(even in winter), nature, beauty, quirky and most prominently ALIVE!”


3 thoughts on “Rio – Not what I expected! 

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  1. Must admit I had your initial reservations. Good to hear the positive aspects.
    Thanks for following my posts and look forward to reading more of your travels.


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