Charascaria, a cut above the rest!

Brazilians export their steak worldwide. It seems, however, that they keep their best pieces for themselves.

Certainly, this is a post intended for those who eat meat!

A churrascaria restaurant has 5 or 6 waiters walking from table to table offering a few slices of their finest cuts. The meat is carried on big metal skewers and you choose the slices you want to be cut at the table.

On the whole, the offerings are beef; tenderloin, rump, topside… any cut you like. Each slice seasoned and cooked to perfection.

To break up the beef feast, there are the occasional offering of pork ribs, lobster or king prawns!

The waiters can look quite hurt if you turn down their cut of meat, so it is probably best to taste them all at least once. That being said, you may also need to be rolled out of the restaurant like Cally and I!

An unforgettable experience made more special by the sounds of live piano playing some Brazilian classics!

Seems like we have yet another reason to return to Rio!


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