El Gringo’s guide to Navigating Lima!

The light turned red and the driver unfurled his newspaper admitting defeat for the next minute!

Ambitiously, a lady in a wheelchair attempted to cross the road as the light returned to green. Noticing this, the driver quickly discarded his paper and held his hand firmly on the horn until she cleared the last few feet of the road.

Not missing a beat, we lurched forward at such a pace, the lady stood next to me almost lost her balence and ended up on my lap. Were it not for the fact that she was securely sardinee by the 25other people in our 12 seater van, I’m sure she would have!

We had made a good few metres and the driver seemed pleased with himself as we sat crossing a dual caridgeway incapbable of progressing any further. Gridlocked! Ironically it was our turn to be on the receiving end of the horns from two angry jugernaught drivers who found their path halted by our combi.

It seemed impossible, but the ‘conductor’ took this moment to open the door to find out if anyone else wanted to join us on our journey! If I had the room to call out, I would have advised them not too!!

Lima is home to more than 9million people and sprawls out for miles and miles. It is not the easiest place to navigate and as we have rented a spot out in the sticks, this has provided some serious challenges.

Our time ahead in Lima is likely to provide some very entertaining journeys.

There is however, a silver lining…the average Peruvian man is 5’4 (164cm).

At 5’9 (175cm) myself, I’m not generally considered a giant amongst men. Here though, I’m head and shoulders above the rest. What better way to display my new found lofty status than stood towering over a large number of people crammed into the smallest of spaces! From El Gringo’s new vantage point, I’ve decided Peruvian public transport isn’t that bad after all! Although I must admit, where roads seem to have very few rules…the little yellow taxi is king!


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