Nothing like eating sand!

High rising golden sand dunes surrounding an almost perfectly circled oasis in the middle of the desert, sounds like it could be a very peaceful and relaxing place, right?

For us and for the many backpacking friends we have made along the way, Hiccachina has been nothing but excitement and non stop action!

Strapped into the buggy, shaped like a shark, our driver wearing a green ninja like balaclava, ready to face the bumps, hills and massive dunes, some reaching 200m high! We were taken on a roller coaster ride!

We slammed down so hard at times the three Brits at the back kept hitting their heads against the metal roof. As we were driving, we could hear other travelers screaming in terror!

After all the nervousness and excitement, we did some sandboarding and ended the day watching the sunset from the top of our buggy!

But it didn’t end there…

Viewing beautiful flamingoes, An all you can eat Buffet,a lot of Pisco(the local alcohol), competitive beer pong, music and dancing into the early hours of the morning in the varies dance clubs…

Let’s just say the boat ride the next day to see ” The Poor man’s Galapogas” islands, was touch and go! Seeing Sea- lions baking in the sun, beautiful Peruvian boobies, penguins, cormorants, Humboldt dolphins and enormous Peruvian Pelicans were the perfect cure!


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