Searching for Condors in the Colca Canyon!

My head throbbed as we sat more than 4000m above sea level. Altitude sickness looked set to ruin the day!

By this point we had drunk coca tea, chewed vigorously on the coca leaves, kept well hydrated, inhaled the fumes of Agua de Florida (The shaman’s spirit water meant to clear heavy energy around the bodies energy field) and any other locally recommended way of shifting the feeling that comes with climbing to high altitudes as quickly as we had. In truth, time is the only way to effectively acclimatise!

All of a sudden we caught sight of an Andean Condor circling in the thermals rising high above the ground. With a wingspan of over 10ft, it is one of the largest flying birds. It was truly awe inspiring to watch this bird glide over the second deepest canyon in the world. Soon it was joined by another, then another. Everyone stood transfixed by the majesty of the creatures high above our heads.

The Colcan Caynon is twice as deep as America’s Grand Canyon at 3400m in its deepest parts. Staring into the abyss certainly is enough to make you go a little weak in the knees. The views we experienced here were absolutely breathtaking. Waking at 3am to take the 100km Andean bus journey from Arequipa in South Peru for this moment alone was definitely worth it.

You know what, maybe all the local remedies were beginning to work after all…my headache had gone!


The above image of a condor is not ours. It is meant to give an idea of what the bird looks like. It has been taken from a royalty free website as a place holder. Once we are able to download our images from our Camera we will replace it. Here is the link to the original picture.

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