How Would You Like Your Guniea Pig Served, Sir?

Lima is the gastronomic centre of South America!!

This certainly bold claim is sported by many a proud Peruvian, but is it true?

Our time in Peru had us eating some strange and unusual dishes, the headlines of which included Cuy (Guinea Pig) and Alpaca! These meats were served up in all manner of ways.

The cuy you could have roasted whole and served on the plate or lightly fried and served with some slightly shredded citrus fruits and fresh veg!

The Alpaca was a little more versatile, could be eaten in sandwiches, as a loin or my favourite – Alpaca ribs in a red wine sauce!!

Despite these ever adventurous meals, they weren’t the culinary highlights for us. Those specific titles belong to the dishes Ceviche and Causa.

Cerviche is a fish dish cooked in citrus fruits that is thought to have originated in Peru, although now it is popular throughout all Latin America and the Caribbean! It tastes so fresh and zingy, it nearly became part of my daily diet! I must admit, the fish used around the Lima region from the sea seemed slightly more tasty than the trout taken from the rivers in the highlands!

Causa on the other hand is a layered Peruvian Potato dish. Sandwiched between the potato layers you may find avocado, chicken, egg or even a mixture!

Whilst we were indeed spoilt for choice with foods from this region, with my limited knowledge I’m still inclined to conduct a little more research before handing out the coveted crown of gastronomy.


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