5 day trekking in the Andes, the Inca Trail and finally Majestic Machu Picchu… all with a fear of heights!!

Anyone with a fear of heights probably shouldn’t be trekking in the Andes, but for me, I didn’t want to miss out on something that I’ll remember for a life time! You can’t let fear hold you back, right?

Our treks included some serious meters – a 4580m summit is our greatest yet!

We managed to walk about 50kms in total with our very knowledgeable guide. That’s not so easy at this altitude. The horses carried our food, tents and just in case a massive oxygen tank!

Some serious stuff!

We witnessed mind blowing landscapes scattered with horses, lamas, alpaca, viscacha (half rabbit/ squirrel rodent/half mini kangaroo!!), Andean Geese, Caracaras (falcons) and Andean Woodpeckers.

The last day of trekking was the 1 day Inca trail. Here,the majority of the trail was on a cliff edge. Many parts were narrow and had tiny steps descending to another steep edge! It’s also a years worth of squats in a single day! I’ve never seen so many stairs in a hike before.

Our favourite trekking moment was climbing the many steps to the Sun Gate and seeing how amazing Machu Picchu was from it. Glorious!

For me, being cliffside of a narrow path is a nightmare! I felt sorry for Luke every time  he said “Wow, look at that!” It was certain to confirm that I should quickly walk to a ‘safe’ place, whilst looking nowhere but at my feet, telling myself that I am an Inca and can defeat these heavy legs!!!

However, I’d do it again if I had the chance!

So if you are afraid of heights and want to trek to Machu Picchu – it’s tough, but that feeling fades when you witness Andean culture and all it’s beauty! It’s the best way to experience it. 

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