Marriage is like Riding a Horse!

Horse riding is Cally’s thing!

It’s not that I don’t like horse riding, it’s just that I’ve never really been around horses. I have a vague memory that my Aunty may have taken me horse riding when I was younger but that is about the extent of it.

Cally, on the other hand, had lessons when she was younger, loves horses and heads off nearly every weekend with her friends to ride in the desert as the sun rises! I’ve never tagged along.

I like to ski!

With only one day remaining in Santiago there was opportunity to go on one more outing before our bus left for Argentina. Close proximity of the city to the Andes meant that we were faced with choosing to go horse riding or skiing!!

We pulled up to the ranch just as the cowboy was saddling up the horses. Following a quick run through of the controls we began the climb.

Expectation and reality were completely turned on their head. The crystallising moment of just how lucky we were, occurred as we reached the ridge of the mountain range a few hours later. The views across the mountain range were breathtaking. Callys help to describe the ride here!!

And that’s where the metaphor started percolating.

You don’t always get to push ahead with your first choice or head in the direction you had planned to. Taking the chance to try something new every once in a while might just end up with the most amazing experiences. Ones that exceed your expectation!

So…marriage is like riding a horse! I’m positive there are more compelling figure of speeches but there it is.

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